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Level 3: Ripe & Ready

Having spent several years in the healthcare industry, this business owner ultimately decided to pursue her lifelong passion and side gig - pottery. She established a pottery school, offering an array of classes, which quickly garnered a waiting list of eager students. The market for creativity seems to be thriving! The brand design reflects the owner's penchant for mid-century modern aesthetics and color schemes. The logo features a bird's-eye view of a potter's wheel in operation.

Burque Throwdown Branding

“The team at Ripe Inc is amazing! You put so much care into developing my logo and my brand. It was super individualized and the logo pops! You went ABOVE and BEYOND to create a logo that really reflects the work I do. And, you're fun to work with. I cannot recommend Ripe highly enough.”

– Tamara Righettini, Burque Throwdown

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