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Gridworks partners with some of the top renewable energy firms in the world to create advanced, utility-scale solar facilities and high-performance energy storage solutions. We collaborated with them to rename and revamp their brand to showcase the innovative and futuristic approach of this pioneering company.




A single lightbulb was once more disruptive than a laptop or iPhone. That same inspired focus—an equal level of innovation and visionary conceptualization—will be required to shepherd humankind into a new world…healthier tomorrows enriched by clean, sustainable energy. Gridworks is one of the leaders in that transition because they see the grid as more than a technical, utilitarian platform. They see it as an exploratory ladder. Storage of sustainable power is the key to the future. But it is just the beginning.

Gridworks Branding
Gridworks Branding



The brand work that Ripe did has been fundamental to our recent success. The difference in recruiting and employee engagement with the new Gridworks branding has been very clear and transformational for the company. Additionally, our customers are more confident when choosing us, and our banks and other partners take us more seriously. We embarked on the journey to change the name because we knew it was important, but the results have vastly exceeded our expectations. Ripe did a great job, and are also fun people, which helped make the process much easier.

– Ryan Centerwall, Gridworks

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